Ginny Guzman is a Los Angeles native. She’s a self-taught commercial photographer specializing in product photography. She worked as the principal photographer and Photography Manager for Sideshow Collectibles for 13 years. She is currently working as Creative Project Manager at That’s it. She loves vintage cameras, collecting plants, shooting film, and printing using alternative archaic processes.

In her spare time she enjoys gorilla gardening (stealing clippings from her neighbors) and entomology. She has a penchant for succulents & orchids and has been amassing a small army of Sphinx moths. Some of her neighbors jokingly refer to her as Poison Ivy as she has turned her balcony from a stucco nightmare into a small lush garden. Her apartment is slowly becoming a smaller and smaller space from her ever growing collections of aroids, vintage cameras, books, perfume oils, shoes, tiny hats, and framed art. She lives in Hollywood, CA with her two cats.

Clients include: Rich Roll, Julie Piatt, Amgen, Sideshow Collectibles, David Zabriskie, LucasFilm, LA Times, and Ryan Wurmser.